Are you looking to strengthen the links between your employees and boost their team cohesion?

The Galliarix sailboat in Normandy is the ideal place to organize a memorable teambuilding!

Embark aboard this sailboat and set off to explore the Normandy coast. Under the watchful eye of our experienced crew, you can learn the basics of sailing, working together to hoist the sails and maneuver the boat. You can also enjoy friendly activities such as sea fishing or visiting picturesque villages.

But the Galliarix sailboat is much more than just a place to relax. It is above all a tool for team cohesion, which will allow you to strengthen communication between your employees, develop their team spirit and strengthen their motivation. Indeed, navigating a sailboat requires unfailing coordination and cooperation between the crew members. Each must listen to the other, be ready to help and make decisions together.

By choosing the Galliarix sailboat for your teambuilding in Normandy, you offer your employees a unique and enriching experience. They will emerge more united than ever, ready to take on all the professional challenges that await them. Don't wait any longer, contact us now to organize your next teambuilding on the Galliarix sailboat!

Your 100% personalized teambuilding

  • Tour of your choice
  • Duration of your choice
  • Drinks included (Champagne included)
  • Meals included
  • Mini sailing training

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